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Not easy managing snacks and desserts. Today's parents were brought up that they had to finish their plate to get dessert. What about children today?

Véronique Ouellet-St-Denis, nutritionist and founder of Bouffe en famille 2.0 , looked into the question. “Desserts and snacks are different foods that complement the meal, to help the child meet their needs,” she explains. If we follow this way of thinking, we don't need to issue the threat "finish your plate to get your dessert!" » Let's think of fruit, homemade pancakes, yogurt or a sweeter cake in the event of a special occasion. After a portion, if the child is still hungry, the main course can be brought out. »

What do balanced snacks and desserts look like?

Snacks are necessary for children to keep their focus and energy between meals. "All foods are part of a healthy diet, the important thing is quantity and variety," says Ms. Ouellet-St-Denis. Snacks should combine carbohydrates (sugars) and protein. Combine crackers with hummus, yogurt with fruit, or an apple or banana with peanut butter.

In the lunch box, yogurt or compote in a reusable pouch is a good ecological idea. Muffins, seeds, cookies, granola or energy balls in a reusable bag . Personally, my kids like hard-boiled eggs or a soy milk in a drink box. »

When visiting, what attitude to adopt?

If a grandparent or babysitter offers something that doesn't align with our values, how do we respond? “We eat certain things because it's part of our culture, of our childhood. These traditions or rituals bring us pleasure and remind us of beautiful memories. We must remember that eating must above all be pleasant. Afterwards, you have to learn to let go!”

Véronique Ouellet St-Denis is a nutritionist and mother of three children. She is also the founder of Bouffe en famille 2.0 , a company that offers food services for the whole family, from pregnancy to adulthood, including early childhood! She organizes workshops, online courses, webinars and more.

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