Learn through play!

Posted by Maman Instagrameuse on

With the days getting shorter and our friend the sun setting earlier and earlier, we sometimes lack time to go outside after supper, much to the dismay of our little miss.

For some time now, we have favored board games from the Placote company as an activity before the bath routine and it's really winning! In this photo, Léa-Rose is playing Monster School with her dad. This game allows him to learn desirable behavior in society and the positive or negative consequences of his actions. All this thanks to short examples of situations experienced by funny little monsters! What I find the most brilliant with this game is that she refers to it in everyday situations by telling me "like the monster in my mommy game!". A great way to approach social conventions and the impact of our behaviors on others in a playful and fun way. :)

It's not complicated, since we have this game at home, she asks us to play it almost every day!

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