Loyalty program

Welcome to our loyalty points program! Easily get discounts on your purchases for your baby, toddler or parents! Accumulate points and enjoy discounts at your favorite store!


$2 spent * = 1 point

Create an account = 10 points

Your birthday = 10 points

Like us on Facebook = 10 points

Follow us on Instagram = 10 points

Evaluate a product on our online store = 5 points

The rewards

500 points = $5 off

1000 points = $15 off

1500 points = $30 off

2000 points = $50 off

*valid on invoices with all items at regular price only. Points are in no way transferable to another account.

Please note that any unused account for a period of one year will cause any previously accrued points to automatically expire and such points cannot be recovered.


Update - Planète Bébé Boutique Loyalty Points Program

Since August 15, 2017, our Loyalty Points Program allows you to accumulate 1 point per $2 of purchase for your invoices, all items of which are at regular price. To join, simply create your account at the store or at www.boutiqueplanetebebe.com

This Program therefore replaces the stamp card that we used during the first years. We accepted these cards until February 1, 2018.