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My name is Marie-Christine Plamondon, I am the mother of three children: five years, three years and seven months. Thanks to my three little moss, I rank among the experts of the sleep of the little ones. Or not.

My journey as a valiant mother

I have read books on the subject. I peeled the blogs right and left. I really tried to find myself there. I looked for it for a long time, the key to babies' sleep.

Let him cry. No, never let a child cry. He eats solids, he should sleep. Oh no, he hasn't yet matured to sleep without mom or dad's arms.

Many contradictions at first sight; you have to choose the approach you want to adopt and, with patience and consistency, baby and his parents will sleep.

Our heart, our instinct dictates an approach. Yes, we are good parents following this approach, whatever it is; as long as it matches our values.

The magic recipe in 3 steps

Unfortunately, I don't have a magic recipe. I sincerely believe that at best, I can share my experience. So here it is, very humbly.

  1. Carrying

I realized their importance in my life at the heart of the great confinement. My few baby carriers, bought out of fancy rather than necessity, have become indispensable. Without them, my baby would never have naps for several weeks.

I choose the preformed to follow the big ones in the hikes in the neighborhood. I put on my ring sling quickly to finish dinner. I rock with mywoven scarf while the other children craft. And for family wading, the water sling. The right fits helped me carry baby comfortably and, let's face it, in style.

  1. Avoidance of THE killer question

“Is he sleeping through the night? »

New parents are all asked this killer question. Does he, does she sleep through the night? Well… How to tell you?

Me, I don't answer it anymore. It appeases me to no longer justify that he sleeps his nights (oh! lucky!) or that he doesn't do them yet (poor you; do something!). At the end of the day, it's not luck or parental failure. What if it was a matter of attitude? And if it was a choice, a glasses that we choose to see life (and see the night)?

  1. Granny's wisdom: “Everything passes. »

Anything goes. Yes, one day the nocturnal awakenings will cease. Babies will grow. Children will become independent, in their nocturnal awakenings as in life. Then, there will only remain this vague memory of the shortened nights or the beautiful and long nights of a baby who “sleeps like a baby”. Anything goes.

And you, what are your best tips for promoting baby's sleep and, by extension, that of his parents?

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