A healthy family picnic, mission impossible?

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Summer rhymes with outings in the open air, in the park, in the forest… This summer, summer will perhaps rhyme more with outings in the yard! A beautiful tablecloth, appetizing food, music… there is a way to organize a memorable picnic near you! Running out of nutritious and balanced ideas to satisfy your little ones' appetites? Here are some essentials to simplify your life according to Véronique Ouellet St-Denis , nutritionist and founder of Bouffe en famille 2.0 . Armed with your bug stuff, you're ready for any eventuality!

What foods to take?

Any good nutritious picnic should contain fruits, vegetables, grain products and a protein. Consider a cooler to preserve meats and eggs. Alternatively, nuts in a small bag may be fine as protein. Sandwiches and cold salads go well on a picnic.

For a quick picnic, the deconstructed option is effective: gather bread, crackers, humus spread, eggs, raw vegetables and fruit in bags. Each child is master of their own meal!

In summer, the concern is to stay well hydrated. One idea is to bring a bottle of water with small glasses for babies and drinking boxes for children. If possible, consider reusable dishes ( glasses, utensils and straws ) and bring a bag of trash or compost to bring back your leftovers.

Sitting comfortably on your towel at the beach, in the forest, in the yard or in the park, all you have to do is savor these precious family moments… before dealing with the next crisis!

Véronique Ouellet St-Denis is a nutritionist and mother of three children. She is also the founder of Bouffe en famille 2.0 , a company that offers food services for the whole family, from pregnancy to adulthood, including early childhood! She organizes workshops, online courses, webinars and more.

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