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The care of your children's feet is relevant for their good physical development. Some foot problems appear from birth. Consult early, while the bones are still soft and respond well to treatment. The podiatrist is trained to diagnose and treat foot conditions. Gabrielle Castonguay, podiatrist at the Clinique podiatrique de l'Outaouais, is also the mother of three children. We asked him the main questions parents have about little feet.

Boutique Planète Bébé: What products from the Boutique do you suggest?

Dr. Gabrielle Castonguay: There's nothing like a frustrated baby sliding rather than moving forward, so the grippy soles are great. I regularly recommend sensory activities for the feet to allow optimal development, especially for the little ones, but also possible for the older ones! Walking in sand and grass for the different texture and because the muscles work differently (only if you know there are no sharp objects, so not at the park!), but otherwise the foot massage , paint with feet , moisturize little feet and have fun in modeling clay! Also, slippers are great for keeping your feet warm.

BPB: At what age should we consult a podiatrist?

GC: Most severe deformities are picked up at birth at the place of birth. In case of doubt, the podiatrist can be consulted before, but normally one can consult from the first steps. Otherwise, there is no wrong answer, although sooner is often better. Otherwise, there are special cases to keep in mind. Non-walking children at 18 months without a diagnosis of developmental delay should be seen. Parents with known foot or gait problems: their children are more likely to develop the same problems!

It's less common for orthotics to be done at one year. Often, we evaluate and review, but it gives a good idea of the evolution of the problem. It often happens that we take our time before starting orthotics for mild and moderate problems. On-site x-rays and postural images can be taken to better assess and help visualize over time.

BPB: What are the signs to consult a podiatrist?

GC: Children who stumble a lot. Children who regularly walk on tiptoe. Children who complain when they walk. Pain at all times, even if it's after sports. When a school or early childhood worker comments on children's feet/legs, the remarks are often correct, so it is a good idea to consult.

BPB: What are the most common foot problems?

GC: We see several children for dermatological problems: ingrown nails from birth! We recommend massaging the edge of the skin to release the nail. Or drop a drop of breast milk for its anti-microbial properties. The podiatrist also has the tools to do a small effective procedure. A lot of athlete's foot and warts are also treated in children.

Podiatry services are reopened! To make an appointment: www.cpoutaouais.com/fr/nos-podiatres/gabrielle_castonguay-dpm/

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