Managing snacks: a daily battle?

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Maybe you've been home with your kids since mid-March, or maybe you'll be home by mid-June for the whole summer. Do your children seem like bottomless pits? Véronique Ouellet-St-Denis is a nutritionist and she has more than one trick up her sleeve to relieve your little ones' ogre appetites.

The routine, to manage snacks

The key to avoiding incessant two-minute demands: nutritious snacks at set times. "The ideal is a regular meal routine, that is to say three meals with two snacks halfway between meals," explains Ms. Ouellet-St-Denis. The size of the snacks may vary if the meal time is staggered. »

For younger children, why not include pictograms to help them find their way in time? The Minimo board or the Les belles combos bracelet are precious tools! The pictograms can be added gradually according to your child's level and placed in the order that suits your family rhythm.

What to eat for sustenance?

"A nutritious snack combines a food containing carbohydrates (fruits, dairy products except cheese and grain products) and a food with proteins (nuts, seeds, tofu spread, roasted chickpeas, milk, cheese, yogurt, soy milk or eggs), explains Ms. Ouellet-St-Denis. »

In summer, tastes vary due to the heat or physical activity. “Children and adults sometimes prefer to drink smoothies, eat popsicles, fresh fruit or frozen fruit (melons, grapes). Ice cream can be served as a dessert or a snack. »

Ice lollies

Popsicles are an elixir of happiness for any child… and parent! Try them, it's 15 minutes of silence guaranteed! In addition, the recipes are simple, for example with yogurt or compotes. All smoothie recipes can also turn into a popsicle. The only rule is not to add too much sugar. Let's think of the banana to sweeten! For babies, breast milk can also become a refreshing popsicle.

Stay hydrated

During the summer period, the challenge is to stay hydrated. “The number one choice for children (and adults!) is water,” says Ouellet St-Denis. Milk or plain fortified soy beverages also quench thirst. »

But what if our children are not heavy drinkers? Can juice be an alternative? “Even though the juice is 100% natural, it is a processed food. It can be offered occasionally, maximum half a cup, same for slush. A nice idea is to offer water mixed with juice. Drinking boxes for children allow this well. Beautiful water bottles, reusable straws and frozen berries can also make drinking water fun. Adults should also lead by example and carry their water bottle . »

Véronique Ouellet St-Denis is a nutritionist and mother of three children. She is also the founder of Bouffe en famille 2.0 , a company that offers food services for the whole family, from pregnancy to adulthood, including early childhood! She organizes workshops, online courses, webinars and more.

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