Baby carrier and bra: which one to buy?

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Maternity brings its share of challenges related to the physiological changes caused by pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. Many women have in mind that most of the physical discomfort they will feel will occur during their pregnancy and not during the postnatal period. This thought is justified, we all know that the pregnant woman's body changes and must inevitably adapt to the presence of baby during gestation.

Many women who come to consult me ​​for massage or therapeutic yoga, however, do so in the weeks or months following the birth. It must be said that after childbirth, the body does not instantly regain its shape and tone. The reality of being a new mom means that it can sometimes be difficult to make time for a fitness and recovery plan. During my years of practice, I have noticed that in the postnatal period, the majority of tensions other than those related to pregnancy and childbirth are generally due to poor posture, repeated carrying of babies in arms and/or poor breastfeeding postures.

A few items are, in my opinion, worth the financial investment and will allow you to experience your motherhood with as little physical discomfort as possible. Being a mother of five children, I have tested them myself and I can assure you that they have been essential for my own physical comfort.

Essentials for taking care of yourself

First, if you are breastfeeding, be sure to invest in nursing bras that fit and fit your chest well. If necessary, opt for those with wide and elastic straps. Without adequate support: your back and shoulders will pay the price. The Bravado and Momzelle companies, which together offer a wide selection of models in several sizes, are good examples. To promote good breastfeeding posture, have a nursing pillow handy to lean on and help support baby's weight. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your back well supported. Your cushion could save you several muscular tensions related to breastfeeding. For my part, after having tried several models, I opted for a NNEKA nursing pillow in buckwheat. Although my youngest is now 6 years old, I still use him as a yoga bolster or a meditation cushion. You will surely also find other possible uses for it, given its versatility.

Although born very small: your offspring will grow and gain weight, think about it already. My next must-have: the baby carrier. From birth, opt for a skin-to-skin babywearing and breastfeeding sweater such as those made by Vija Design (yes, yes, there are some for dads !). Thereafter, make sure you have a baby carrier adapted to your physiognomy as well as your needs. The baby carrier will allow you to distribute the weight of the load on the strongest muscles of your anatomy in addition to freeing your hands! It will also allow baby to feel safe against you while being comfortable.

Don't forget to vary the carrying positions to avoid creating muscle tension related to prolonged and repeated postures. If necessary, have several baby carriers to be able to achieve this : slings , sling or rings , panel baby carrier, preformed with a flexible structure … there is something for all needs and tastes. No model is suitable for everyone, so it is important to rely on your comfort and to get good advice. Boutique team members are experts!

Of course, make an appointment for a good massage from time to time! In addition to helping you release your tensions, the massage will act on your nervous system, help you get better sleep, promote good circulation throughout your body and help you improve your general health. Also remember to stretch regularly. What are you waiting for? It's time to invest in your health!

Christine Deschênes is a quantum birth companion, massage therapist and yoga teacher. Mother of five children, she offers her services through her perinatal services company Maternia , in addition to working closely with the pelvic rehabilitation clinic Pelvi-Solutions.

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