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I am Sasha, the designer behind ThéraSens . I am also a mother of 5 children from 5 to 14 years old. They are my main reason for having created my company. All 5 had different health issues and I have always used essential oils to help them. Essential oils, when used under the recommendation of an aromatherapist or naturopath, can help us a lot on a daily basis!

My mission at ThéraSens is to help people with alternatives to traditional pharmacy. All my products have been designed to meet a daily need.

As we all know, 2020 hasn't been easy so far. And, currently, the greatest challenge for families is to ensure the health of all their members. A little cold in 2020 can quickly bring its share of obstacles! So, I want to tell you about my Flu Kit: a set of 5 products in a beautiful waterproof pouch that will help you prevent colds and flu, treat them and help strengthen your defense system.

The first product is a prevention product only. No Lice, No Germs is a spray product designed to repel germs associated with colds, flu, gastro and lice. It is super simple to use! We mix it well and we apply a “push” on the hair and one on the clothes. The microparticles of essential oils will play the role of protection. It's as if several little soldiers were clinging to your hair and clothes to push everything away! It can also be applied to car seats (such as baby shells), household furniture, etc.

Then there is "Puff of air", a product to be sprayed on the pillow, the comforters, a scarf or any fabric that is close to you when you are congested. And, not only can you use it when you have a cold, but it is also super effective during seasonal allergies! It has a very sweet and reassuring scent.

The other 3 products are some of my favorites and products I use daily, regardless of the season.

“System D”, a synergy to be diffused having a super important role as much in prevention as in treatment: strengthening the defense system of the human body. Earlier I spoke to you about little soldiers, his job is to feed your little soldiers. Make sure they are ready to fight when needed! In addition, when it diffuses in a room, it kills the majority of microbes in the air with its essential oils with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. We should be streaming it every day! Sick or not.

The “soothing” balm is also one of the products that I use every day because it meets a lot of needs. Its primary function is to reduce our cough and congestion. It contains essential oils that are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, calming, expectorant, and more. It can therefore also be used for muscle pain (especially for pregnant women and young children), torticollis or just if we need to be calm and reassured.

And last, but not least, “Robin”. This roll-on applicator is a perfect tool to replace the tablet socket. It will relieve itchy ears, sore throats, the little "cat in the throat" cough and will also reduce the risk of infection. The essential oils in this product are very powerful antibacterial oils. Plus, it smells wonderful!

The best thing about all of this? This kit contains only products that are safe for all ages, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

I wish you a colorful, sweet and healthy fall! Don't forget to take good care of yourself, a small action every day and good prevention can make a big difference.

*It is important to specify that ThéraSens products in no way replace the treatments recommended or prescribed by a doctor. No product in this kit has been designed to protect you directly from Covid-19, or to be used as a treatment for it.

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