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I'm Sasha, an advisor at Boutique Planète Bébé for 2 years! I have also been a loyal customer of the store since its beginnings, because I am the mother of five children aged 5 to 14. They are my source of inspiration which gave birth to my aromatic creations business ThéraSens . My five children have had different health conditions and I have always used essential oils to help them. Essential oils, when used under the recommendation of an aromatherapist or naturopath, can really help us on a daily basis!

My mission at ThéraSens is to help people by using solutions different from what you find in a traditional pharmacy. Currently, with the events that affect us all, I would like to present to you some essentials that may be beneficial to you

System D

Firstly, if you have a diffuser at home, I highly recommend the synergy to diffuse Boost your system . This synergy is a blend of essential oils that are wonderful airborne antiseptics, antibacterials and anti-infectives. There are also oils that will help strengthen your immune system. It’s a truly beneficial synergy to spread every day in the home. It is also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women and babies/young children.

No lice, no germs

Then, if you have any outings to do, I suggest you spray yourself well with No lice, no germs . This product was created to repel microbes associated with colds, flu, gastrointestinal tract and lice. A “push push” in the hair and on the clothes and that’s it to better protect you! It is also safe for everyone. (*This product will NOT protect you from Covid-19. It will help reduce the risk of catching a small virus that could weaken your immune system).

Calm your nerves

And, finally, I think of the parents who are at home with the children. I am thinking of workers in the health field or in grocery stores. Or any other worker in an essential field, such as CPE. I also think of the children and adolescents who have a lot of anxiety in the face of everything that is happening. I suggest you use Calm your nerves , roll-on applicator or in diffusion . This is a product I created to help us calm down during more stressful times and when we are anxious. It also helps in times of crisis, both for adults and children. Take the time to take care of yourself during this difficult time.

Until we have the chance to see each other again at the store, I wish you health, lots of courage, love and more health! follow us on Facebook where I will soon answer your questions live over the coming days! Looking forward to see you there!

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