Back to school: how to make a zero waste lunch box?

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One week already that our children are at school! Are you still full of motivation? Are you looking for tools to better organize yourself?

This year, I started a zero waste shift. Quietly, but still a turn. At first I was a bit intimidated by the concept and didn't know where to start. It was while discussing with Anne-Marie de la Boutique that I understood that this could be done in small steps. What a relief !

Now I'm going to prepare my first return to school a little more zero waste... I won't be perfect, but I'll be better than last year. Isn't that our goal? Here's how I plan to get started with a zero-waste lunch box:

1) Snacks: No more disposable zipper bags. All children's snacks, whether small fish, celery, grapes or cookies will be packaged in reusable containers.

Here are my favorites:

ReZip Bag - Silicone

Colibri snack bag - Washable pouch

Small rectangular box Dalcini in Stainless

Dalcini Stainless small rectangular container - Boutique Planète Bébé

2) Sandwiches : Same thing as snacks for me this year: No more disposable bags. GOOD-BYE !! There are several options that exist to replace them so why do without them?

Here are my favorite options:

Beeswax wrap - Perfect for sandwiches ( also to replace your plastic wrap in the fridge!)

Square container Dalcini in Stainless  

Dalcini Stainless Square sandwich container - Boutique Planète Bébé

Öko creations Sandwich envelope - Really TOO PRETTY!

Öko creations Sandwich envelope

3) Thermoses - To alternate with the sandwich, I like to prepare hot meals that the children can bring in thermoses. On the other hand, nothing is more unpleasant than a cold spaghetti... so I needed a VERY good thermos.

I opted for the Thermos Yumbox which keeps food warm for 6-8 hours. Just perfect !

4) The utensils - To complete the lunch box, I could take some of our kitchen utensils, but I'm always afraid that they won't come home! So , instead of plastic utensils , I opted for bamboo utensils.

My choice:

Ola Bamboo utensils -

Ola Bamboo Utensils

5) Drinks

Generally, I put a bottle of water in the backpack, but occasionally I also add milk or juice, so I use reusable containers. Drink in a Box!

Drink in the Box - Drinking box - Planète Bébé store

So! I hope these ideas will be useful to you in your preparations for the start of the 2020 school year!


Mother of Alizée, 5 and a half years old (very important to mention it!)

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