What to do outside in the fall?

Posted by Pascale de Montigny on

Summer has just bowed out, giving way to the fall season, renowned for its warm colours. With a mild, sometimes rainy and cold climate announcing the arrival of winter, here are some activities that we can enjoy as a family:

  1. The treasure hunt

Whether in your yard or in the park, your children will enjoy going on a treasure hunt. All you have to do is hide objects (like stickers or tattoos) in places that are more or less easy to spot so as not to demotivate them, and that's it. Make sure children are dressed accordingly.

  1. The discovery of the autumn wind

This time of year is marked by the presence of a good wind. This is an opportunity for the youngest to discover the magic and power of the wind through various activities such as kite flying. Work together to deploy and maneuver the kite. You can also hang it on a support to admire the wonder of your child.

  1. Walk or cycle

With well-developed cycle paths, a walk or bike ride will only do you good with the family. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and the sublime colors of autumn.

  1. DIY workshop

Oh yes ! The rain being with go in autumn, it often happens that the exits are not adapted to the condition. In this case, nothing more interesting than DIY workshops with the family.

Experience autumn as in summer, each season brings its share of happiness!

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