How to stimulate language in 0-5 year olds?

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Do you have young children and are you looking for ideas to stimulate their language? This article is for you!

How do I situate my child's language development?

Learning to communicate is fundamental for social integration, conflict resolution and the expression of your child's needs. It is not easy to have the perspective necessary to detect language difficulties. This is why having the right tools makes it possible to prevent and intervene early: "There are plenty of tools and development charts that we can consult in order to situate language development in 0-5 year olds. , explains Ms. Normand. I created one to make life easier for parents and early childhood workers, which you can find on my website and the Order of Speech-Language Pathologists or Naitre et Grandeur also offer tables to consult. You will be able to notice whether there is a gap or not. »

How to stimulate language in 0-5 year olds?

“The role of the adult is to be stimulating by talking to them and by being a good role model,” explains Ms. Normand. Offering verbal choices, giving the right model without repeating them, placing yourself at their level, listening to them with interest, even if sometimes you don't understand everything... these are all winning strategies for reinforcing the toddler's language . During the holidays, parents are often looking for easy tips and educational tools to stimulate their child's language. Here are some games, toys and books offered by the Planète Bébé Boutique:

  • First Words Die : Designed to help children aged 6 months and older make sounds and then say words around 1 year old.
  • The instructions tower : designed to help children from 1 to 2 and a half years old understand simple instructions.
  • Why did the carrots disappear? : designed to help children from 3 to 5.5 years old develop their understanding of questions formulated with the interrogative word “why”.
  • Fishing for sounds : designed to help children aged 4 and a half and over become aware of syllables and rhymes.
  • Make me a riddle : designed to help children aged 3½ to 7 years old formulate a riddle.

Chantal Normand, is a community speech therapist, which means that she works in the community in promotion and prevention in speech therapy among 0-5 year olds. She offers training, programs in CPE, community organizations, conferences for parents and answers simple questions on her Facebook page. She wants to improve the knowledge and skills of the adults around these children. If you have concerns or questions about your child's language, contact Ms. Normand. A consultation can be envisaged in order to prevent the increase in the gap or to intervene if rehabilitation is required. Visit their website or Facebook page.

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