Placote The social code

Placote The social code

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In a state-of-the-art company, scientists program robots to make them socially adept. But now a hacker has taken control of the servers in order to reprogram the robots! He even discovered the location of the last data backup system. Help the chief scientist recover the device before the evil hacker!

social code is designed to stimulate the development of social skills in children aged 6 to 10. The game presents situations that lead them to put themselves in the place of people to reflect on the appropriate behavior that it is possible to adopt in these situations.


  • 1 game board with 8 puzzle pieces
  • 72 question cards
  • 12 challenge cards
  • 4 “Well done!” cards
  • 2 pawns (scientist and hacker)
  • 1 die (from 1 to 3)
  • 1 accompanying guide
  • The game's rules

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