Placote The long wait

Placote The long wait

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Objective : Various objectives

Developing Attention Strategies
Understand basic concepts
Identify emotions

Balance yourself on one foot! Look another player in the eye without laughing! Say the tongue twister without making a mistake!

The long wait 1 is a card game for children aged 3 to 6 in which players must perform all kinds of playful challenges requiring a variety of skills. The game was designed to turn waiting situations into fun times!

Waiting situations are sometimes difficult for young children. Quietly waiting for an extended period without stimulation is a challenge for most of them. The game The long wait 1 was specifically created to provide children with fun stimulation in different waiting situations.

Even if each moment of waiting has its particularities (e.g. in a queue for a merry-go-round or in the waiting room of a medical clinic), by adapting a few parameters such as the noise level or the respect of the space people around, The long wait 1 can be played in most standby or everyday situations. Its compact size is designed to slip easily into a bag or small luggage. In a waiting room, on vacation, or on a rainy afternoon, it will turn ordinary situations into fun times that pass quickly!

In addition to allowing children to have fun while waiting, The long wait 1 requires a variety of skills.

The skills language skills are particularly called upon in the production of tongue twisters and in the understanding of instructions involving different abstract concepts. The skills cognitive are required in challenges of memorization, observation, listening and analysis. The skills socioaffective intervene in mime challenges of emotions and self-control. The skills motor are solicited by physical exercises, challenges of balance and dexterity.

Apart from these skills, the game The long wait 1 can simply be considered a fun activity to do as a family. Its cooperative nature also contributes to the pleasure of playing together.

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