Marie Fil Absorbent inserts for panties

Marie Fil Absorbent inserts for panties

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Like the menstrual panties has a light degree of absorbency, I created "inserts" to add in order to increase the absorption of the panties up to the degree Max .

You must already have Marie fil briefs with press studs inside in order to use the inserts. Remember the snap button is super thin and you won't feel it when wearing the Marie fil panties.

Please choose the same size as your period panties Marie fil

A little more information on the inserts.

These are composed of hemp and of organic cotton . These fibers are natural which means that they are not made synthetically with plastic. They are soft, very absorbent and wonderful for our body.

By adding absorbency, you can therefore use your period panties to their full potential. It's about changing the inserts over your flow as with disposable pads.

The interview inserts is the same as for menstrual panties and washable sanitary napkins . There are several washing methods. Here I will tell you about my favorite. We let our towels soak in very cold water for a few hours. Then we put them in the washing machine to wash them thoroughly with the bath towels. Ideally, always in cold water. Sometimes I like to use my best friend madame blancheville stain remover soap or household soap to quickly scrub my towels before putting them in the washer. Ideally, we hang everything to dry. And we start again!

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