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Kali Natural Deodorant Refill

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Skin type Normal
Collection Cedarwood-Musk

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Refill for tube

The bag (biodegradable) helps to put the deodorant in the tube.
Keep the product cool before inserting it.

Instructions :
– Wash your hands well before handling.
– Cool the refill for a few minutes in the refrigerator so that the product remains firm.
– Take your empty Kali deodorant tube.
– Keep the bag on the upper part and insert the product into the tube.
– Gently push the product down.


Neroli-Lemon, Lavender-Patchouli-Vanilla, Orange-Vanilla, Pear-Orange, Rose-Champaca, Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Unscented, Green Tea-Pear, Citrus-Musk, Cedarwood-Bergamot, Pine-Citrus, Wood cedar-musk

* Please note that no shipments of Kali deodorant can be made during periods of heat. You must select the store pickup or curbside pickup option for this product. *

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