Janod Acrobat Skill Game

Janod Acrobat Skill Game

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Find the balance! This game of skill will make you spend lovely moments of fun with your children!

A game of Acrobat' lasts about 15 minutes, enough fun before dinner time!

The principle of the game is easy to understand for children from 5 years old. Simply place a cardboard disc on the table, the player will then roll the three dice, place the acrobats on the circles of the same color as the dice and place a second cardboard disc on the pawns. The second player rolls the dice on his turn and places the pawns according to the indication of the dice and so on. As the laps progress, the balance becomes more and more precarious! The first to bring down the tower loses! This game will ask children to decide on the best strategy to adopt and work on their concentration to win the game!

The game contains 20 cardboard discs 10.5 cm in diameter, 57 wooden pawns and 3 dice.

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