Soft Foam Cleansing Gel
Soft Foam Cleansing Gel
Soft Foam Cleansing Gel
Soft Foam Cleansing Gel

Soft Foam Cleansing Gel

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Format 240ml

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The skin is the most important organ of the human body. That of the baby is particularly delicate because it contains very little keratin. Keratin, the protein that protects the skin against pollutants, is essential for your baby's skin. To be safe, choose a gentle cleaning product that respects its fragility. Our baby cleansing gel, Douce Mousse, is composed of ingredients certified by independent organizations and recognized for their superior quality. Trust our ultra-gentle plant-based formula to take care of your baby's skin in a bold way!

Aloe*, calendula* (marigold), chamomile* and sweet mandarin extracts* make up our baby formulation.

The gel gently cleanses your baby's skin. *

ORGANIC ingredients verified by QUÉBEC VRAI.

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