Baby carriers - Definitions

Types of baby carriers… Which one to choose?

The variety of choices can sometimes be daunting when it comes to choosing a baby carrier or baby sling. Several factors must be taken into account: the age of the baby, the use (prolonged or not? To do what types of activities? Etc.), the "ease" of learning...

Mei Tai (Asian type ) : Carry on the stomach, back and hip. Easy to use, it offers excellent comfort. The mei tai is an excellent compromise for those who are "intimidated" by scarves. Use from birth.

Strong point: Very easy knots

Stretch scarf : Carry on the stomach. The kangaroo scarf consists of a large piece of stretchy cotton-like fabric. It provides good support for baby, especially a newborn. Can be used from birth to 35lbs, but in general becomes less comfortable from 20lbs. 

Strong point: Installs in advance

Woven scarf : Carry on the stomach, back and hip. By far the most versatile of all baby slings. The woven sling is also a large piece of fabric, but does not stretch, which allows for extended wear in terms of time and the baby's weight. The woven scarf, on the other hand, requires more learning to master several knots. To be used from birth and according to the wearer's endurance. 

Strong Point: Versatile

Flexible structure (with clips ): Carrying on the stomach and back (some models also allow carrying on the hip). This baby carrier is very easy to use and is often the favorite of dads! Very useful with older babies who are sometimes less patient when it comes to tying wraps. Can be used from birth (may require the purchase of an "insert" for newborns depending on the model). 

Strong point: Easy to adjust and very comfortable

Scarf with rings and pocket : Carry on the hip, on the stomach or on the back. The baby carrier is on one shoulder, which may be less comfortable in the long run. The ''sling'' is quickly installed and the ring model allows a perfect fit. Use from birth. The pocket works by size and therefore in general can only be used by one of the two parents (unless they have the same size of course). 

Strong point: Quick installation